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Whether you are going to get a new roof, replacement roof, or repairing your current roof, the cost of a roofing project is substantial. It can be a confusing process that leaves you with a lot of questions and probably more stress. That’s why Innovative Houston Construction aims to make this process easy.



Our experts will:

  • Explain to you work that is required for your project, whether it is a replacement or repair for your roof.

  • Review with you the options that you have in regards to available materials and brands.

  • Work with you to get a clear understanding of what your priorities are and what will be the best way to meet your needs.

  • Provide to you with a clear, detailed, full transparent, and very competitive estimate for your roofing project. Rest assured you will not be under pressure to make any immediate decision.

For more than a decade, Innovative Houston Construction has helped Houston home owners through the roof repair and roof replacement process. From when you first call up to the final inspection after the work is done, Innovative Houston Construction will guide you through a transparent process that will make what is normally a very stressful situation easier. Our goal is to serve the customer with honesty and integrity as well as making sure you are completely satisfied with your new roof.

Use the form below to contact us for a free roofing estimate!

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