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The first few days after a significant weather event is the most stressful. You’ve already done your due diligence and saw the warning signs of a damaged roof. You understand that the next step requires you to contact a Houston roofing contractor. This is where Innovative Houston Construction steps in.

We believe in making sure that the customer is fully aware of the extent of the damage. Whether it is wind, hail, or aging, the cost to repair or replace your roof is significant and we want to make sure you making a fully informed decision as to how you wish to proceed.


That’s why Innovative Houston Construction offers free roofing inspections and estimates in the Houston area. Our experts will take a look at your roof, inspect the shingles, vents, valleys, and gutters to see the extent of damage. After the inspection, we will present you with a fully transparent and very competitive cost estimate for your roofing project, whether it is a replacement or repair.

If you notice the signs of damage on your roof, it is important to contact us. A free roof inspection and estimate in Houston is the first step to getting your home back to normal.

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